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Be A Good Neighbour

There are high instances of youth mental health concerns in the Valley. We encourage a community based peer support approach. 

Build Housing

We need so many more housing units, especially that is affordable. Here are ways you can help increase stock.

1. If you are a home owner, consider putting an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) on your property. We can help you navigate the process and possibly include you in a larger funding proposal as part of our ADU project. Email us HERE if you are interested. Register for our next ADU discussion April 27th @7pm by clicking HERE

2. If you are a landlord please connect with us to be part of our coordinate access process. When your unit becomes available we can link you with tenants that might be a good fit for your unit. We coordinate housing support so that tenants have someone to help them navigate independent living and so you have someone to reach out to if there are issues that come up. Click HERE to tell us about your unit (s).

3. We always need more host homes. Matching a youth to a home is not only about right location for their school but also right fit in terms of personalities. The more options we have the better match we can make. To inquire about becoming a host home click HERE. Register for our next Host Home Info session on  April 28th @ 7pm by clicking HERE

4. If you are developer and would like a non-profit partner to help apply for government funding programs and want support with adding some low income units to your development idea please reach out HERE.

Aerial View of Suburban Street

Belong: Create Safe Spaces

Using Community Spaces to give youth an opportunity to feel welcomed in an intergenerational setting that includes a prevention lens would go a long way to provide support to offset Adverse Childhood Events.


  • Create a program using Portal Youth Outreach Associations prevention toolkit today by going to:

  • Sign up for Safe Spaces discussion on April 21@7pm by clicking HERE

  • Advocate to your local municipal council for more indoor community spaces to be used for intergenerational recreation that includes the arts, music and prevention programming.