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Calls to Action

Believe in transparency and reciprocity. 

We aim to understand the experience of organizations, government and lived experts to build toward the collective goal of ending homelessness.

2023 Calls to Action regarding Policy changes at all levels of government:

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Proposed Policy Priorities
As presented at the May 25th 2023 Homeless No More: Calls to Action Event

Municipal Government 

  • In relation to the Municipal Government Act, Municipal Governments are to create favourable zoning for an affordable and equitable approach to dignified density housing within their communities and MPS. Municipal governments are encouraged to offer incentives for affordable developments and/or work in partnership with the provincial government to provide building and oversight subsidies to affordable supportive housing initiatives.

Provincial Government 

  • To generate movement within the Housing Market by offering financial support to individuals capable of transitioning out of supportive housing into the rental market and who are in the rental market struggling to transition into home ownership. In addition to the Canadian Pension Plan (CPP), this support can also be offered to older adults who could benefit from the transition into smaller homes or living spaces in their community but cannot afford the cost of rent.

  • To work with municipal governments to finance Supportive Housing projects in partnership with local organizations to provide the social supports attached to the housing development.

Federal Government 

  • To commit to collaborating with Provincial government to prioritize organizations within the housing and community support sector when determining the recipients of long-term government funding streams to accelerate the end of homelessness.

May 25th, 2023 
Homeless No More: Calls to Action Event Recording: 

To continue the conversation, contact:

Alisha Christie (she/her) 
Homeless No More Coordinator

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