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The Homeless No More Initiative brings together community organizations, service providers and government for collective and creative actions to end homelessness across the region.

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About the Homeless No More Initiative

The Homeless No More Initiative focuses on accelerating the end of rural homelessness in Nova Scotia. The initiative wants to see all Nova Scotians housed in safe, affordable and dignified housing where individuals have the right to choose and inform their housing decisions. 

The initiative and what it focuses on are led by local organizations, community groups, and service providers between West Hants to Digby. 


While the sector works hard, offering constant support to individuals experiencing or at risk of Homelessness, Homeless No More can do the work on their behalf and in partnership with the sector regarding policy advocacy and political influence.  

Our Actions

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Community Support and Service Based Counts

In partnership with Acadia University's Community Development Department, we are committed to coordinating bi-annual counts on Rural Homelessness in Nova Scotia.

Hosting and Facilitating Conversations

As an initiative, we are committed to bringing organizations, community and government into conversations to reimagine how we address rural homelessness through advocacy, process and policy change.

Coordinated regional and provincial efforts

Homeless No More works to amply rural homelessness data and the dedicated work of local organizations. As a collective, we work to support coordinated and collaborative efforts regarding how we respond to homelessness. 

Homeless No More 2019 Panel and Documentary

Homeless No More 2023: Calls to Action Event

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