What is Homeless No More?

1. A Plan


Homeless no more is a strategy to end youth homelessness in the Annapolis Valley that has been created through a collaborative process.

2. A Group


Influencers in various sectors including health, social services, justice, NGO's and housing who are committed to ending youth homelessness in the Annapolis Valley. These influencers work o various committees to move the plan forward. Committee's include: Housing, Communications, Prevention, Recreation. Contact us if you want to partake in a sub-committee.

3. A Hub for Information


This website serves as a hub for information on youth homelessness in the Annapolis Valley, information on the progress of the plan and the gateway for how to get involved. 

Sub- Committees

Housing Committee

See what our housing committee is working on and their progress.

Communication Committee

See what our communications committee is working on and their progress.

Prevention Committee

See what our prevention committee is working on and their progress.

The Plan

The Nitty Gritty Details

Click HERE to access the Homeless No More plan. 

Our Partners

Kentville Police Service-   Julia Cecchetto

Annapolis Valley Region Centre for Education(AVRCE)- Meagan Cairns

Poverty reduction initiatives & NS Health-   Nancy Stewart

Town of Kentville-   Rachel Beddingfield

NS Housing & Authority-   Nancy Baroni & David Brewster

Portal Youth Outreach Association-   Russ Sanche & Kelly McGregor

Local community Health Board-   Olivia Pattinson

Homeless Strategy- PNS- Cyd LePage

Justice- Mike Warren

Department of Community Services- Dolores Gaudet

Project Hope CMHA