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Data & Resources

In partnership with Acadia Unversity's Department of Community Development, Homeless No More is committed to completing a bi-annual count on Rural Homelessness. The count aims to capture a glimpse of what's happening regarding homelessness across our region. 

In addition, Homeless No More continues to circulate the best available data not only to service sector practitioners and organizations but also to government and policy influences as an action to mobilize current and vital information to better inform decision-making at the government level and in community. 


Regional Resources 

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This report focused on reporting data for people experiencing or at risk of homelessness who were between the ages 16 and 21, and included a focus group-based article for which service-providers working on behalf of youth at risk of or experiencing homelessness in the study site discussed the barriers they perceive, and broader community attitudes towards homelessness. Integrated throughout the document, is a photovoice project. Ten Youth experiencing homelessness in the study site agreed to take a photograph and provide a caption that helps to tell a story about their experiences with homelessness.

Community Support and Service- Based Count on Rural Homelessness.png

This two-paged overview provides a glimpse of the data collected during the 2022 Community Support and Service-Based Count. The data speaks to a growing issues regarding housing insecurity and homelessness across the region. he results of this study call for immediate and collective action in community and government for more affordable and safe housing across the region.

2022 Community Support and Service-Based Count on Homelessness

- Full Report in progress

Release date: TBD

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This report captures conversations from the Oct 24th Homeless No More Engagement when over 40 local organizations joined community conversations about how rural homeless is showing up in their communities as well as The Homeless No More Initiative can better support their work. 

Provincial Resources 

Resource list - coming soon!

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