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Landlord Partnership Program

Community Change Together

The Process

Our Housing Locator will meet with landlords to ensure optimal matches. The Housing Locator views every unit prior to submitting it into the programs internal listing.

Why Partner With Us?

The collaboration of community efforts has created a base of housing support and outreach workers who can support clients through their tenancy. Our Housing Locator strives to ensure you are supported as the landlord.


After meeting the Housing Locator your unit(s) will be submitted to the program's internal listings. When a successful tenant match is identified a meeting will be scheduled with you and the tenant, support worker and Housing Locator.

Option 1- Coordinated Access Direct

Let us know when vacancies are coming up. We will use our coordinated access system to determine which clients are the most in need and the best fit for your vacancy. Support throughout tenancy will be provided.


The program strives to ensure the landlord and tenants are supported throughout the duration of the tenancy.

Option 2- Master Lease

Allow us to sign a Master Lease to our Supported Living Programs.

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